Apply Now for the Certification in Transformational Architecture: A proven framework for creating Common Cause Communities within or outside of your organization.
Dear Future Certified Transformational Leader, 

As you are well aware, community leadership is changing rapidly. If you do not have a framework for creating and executing new ideas then your organization is at risk of becoming irrelevant and obsolete. 

The Hatchery has designed an online certification program that provides a framework for organizational transformation. This program has 3 pillars. 

Each pillar takes 3 months to master. 

Let's go through these pillars one by one. 

Pillar One: Productivity

Vocational leaders are many things. Executives, therapists, counselors, entrepreneurs, orators, teachers, friends... the list goes on!

How can you find the time to transform your organization if you can't find time to create?

That is where we start in the certification for transformational leadership - with you. The first 3 months of the program are focused on giving time back in your life so that you can follow your heart and dreams. 

Once we have established productive routines, systems, and have eliminated distractions and hindrances, we can move onto creating your platform. 

Pillar Two: Platform

What is a platform? 

A platform is anything that magnifies your message. 

It could be digital, like a blog or podcast, or it could be an organized group of passionate volunteers.

There is no one-size-fits-all platform and because of this, we start our second 3 months session by focusing on your strengths and then designing a platform around you. 

This personally tailored approach will help you stay in your strength zone instead of adding busy work into your life. 

Why do I need a platform? 

Modern leaders need to create a platform for the sustainability and growth of their mission. A platform will help you create an audience that will help spread your message and grow your cause. 

Pillar Three: Praxis

The third Pillar is Praxis. 

Praxis means practice, and that is what we are going to do in our third and final 3 months session. 

We will introduce you to the lean ministry principles that we have developed at the Hatchery and give you a framework to test new community initiatives that are based on truth and data instead of emotion and assumptions. 

After our 12 month program, you will not only be a more productive leader, but you will have a platform that will magnify your mission and become insanely efficient at executing new ideas. 
We are only accepting qualified students. Apply now at the bottom of this page.
This is a educational program like you've never experienced.
The traditional continuing education experience is usually delivered at a workshop or conference. These experiences can be transformational, but sorting through and acting on the information dump that you receive can be daunting and ineffective. 

This is why we have formatted our training to be delivered on a weekly basis over the course of a 12 month period. This program encourages you to learn with our online community by sharing opportunities, challenges, and successes. 

The experience of building relationships with the 15 other students allows you to move beyond the experience of isolation that is common in most online learning programs. 

And unlike other online programs, we encourage you to share this training with your team as you apply it in your community. 
Learn how the Hatchery is changing the structure of learning...
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Mitchell Boone
Daniel Dixon
Alan Dunfee
The Hatchery's Certificate in Transformational Architecture VS. Traditional Conferences
Certificate in Transformational Architecture
Intentional and focused on your progress.
  • Learn from your home, office or coffee shop
  • Easily digestible lessons with time to implement between sessions over the course 
  • We are completely focused and committed to the 15 people that we accept
Continuing Educational
A Buffet of information.
  • You have to leave your local community
  • Conference fee does not include the cost of transportation, airfare, meals and hotels (this could equal $1000 or more).
  • Conferences aim to please hundreds, if not thousands, of people
What does it cost?
For the price of an average conference (with hotels and travel) you can have a year's worth of training and community to support you.
We have two enrollment options
1 Payment of $2200 (Save $200)
12 Payments of $200
Here’s What The Transformational Architecture Certificate Program Will Do For You
If You're a Vocational Leader
The certificate will help strengthen you and your team by...
  • Finding more time in your week to focus on your heart's passion
  • Creating programs and initiatives that are sustainable and self-funding
  • Cutting back on wasted time and money in all areas of your ministry
If You're Working in a Church
The certificate will help you become a leader who is recognized for...
  • Being more productive and effective at executing new ideas inside and outside of your congregation. 
  • Increasing in your leadership skills 
  • Developing your ability to find and motivate volunteers
Here’s What To Do Next
If you know that the certification program is for you, then please fill out the application form. We will start accepting applications in the next few weeks. You will receive an email from us upon acceptance. 

This is a highly competitive program. Please take this application seriously. 

There is no obligation or payment required to apply.
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